EU-India Research & Innovation Partnership for efficient and sustainable freight transportation (REINVEST) project has the general goal of enhancing co-operation and research collaboration between EU and India and combining their expertise in the field of freight transportation to make freight transportation more efficient and therefore more environmental friendly, financially and socially sustainable for a longer term benefits.The REINVEST project members will collaborative, co-operate and complements to achieve following main objectives of this action:

Objective 1 - To analyse the state of the art of freight transportation in both continents, research new and existing methodologies and identify best practices.

Objective 2 - To develop a knowledge framework and sustainable freight transportation toolkit to help the decision makers to make informed decision for sustainability of freight transportation.

Objective 3 - To establish and strengthen India - EU strategic partnership among 6 leading research clusters for research and innovation by:

    a. Establishing individual mobility schemes for European researchers (initially objective 4 in concept note).

    b. Strengthening and sustaining the partnership through joint publication and joint research funding applications (initially objective 8 in concept note).

    c. Building new capacity through training programmes and joint PhD projects.

Objective 4 - To create a multi-disciplinary network of freight transportation companies, technology providers, manufacturing companies and researchers.

Objective 5 - To increase the knowledge sharing, visibility and impact of the project by organizing seminar, information days, workshops and a conference by involving multiple stakeholders from wider academia, industry and policy makers outside the cluster.

Objective 6 - To establish a common working innovation platform for cluster of researchers and community users.