REINVEST - Lets improve freight transportation


Freight transport in particular is a significant source of air pollution, carbon di-oxide emission, accidents, noise and vibration. Freight transport has heavy societal implication as this sector is a major employer both in EU-India and the sustainability this sector is essential for the life of citizens and to the operations of any business. Citizens suffer pressures from fuel prices, traffic congestion, air pollution, and noise and road safety problems. This situation is evidently not sustainable both for EU and India on the long-term, economically as well as environmentally and even socially.

Therefore, there is a growing need than ever before for a reinforced co-operation between freight transportation and logistics research between EU and India. This research collaboration brings together 6 leading research clusters and associated stakeholders (companies, policymakers and associations) from the EU-India and combine their expertise in the field of freight transportation to ensure long-term sustainability and increased efficiency of freight movement across the two continents. This project is built upon 6 thematic areas and offers complementary competences to tackle the challenges associated with current freight transportation. Figure below shows 6 interlinked areas of research where cooperation is needed to achieve sustainability in freight transportation.

Expected outcomes of REINVEST

This project will enhance collaboration with EU and India and thus facilitating access to research environments outside home country and promoting synergies on a global scale. The benefits of this approach are that new innovative research can be quickly disseminated to industrial and commercial organisations (while having fully engaged policy makers) which could assist in creating a competitive advantage for these organisations, offering global scale and scope and better long term societal outcomes. A global environmental problem must, intrinsically, have a global solution for a global industry. This is exactly what this project achieves. Drawing together a number of academic experts in this area of research will create significant synergies and benefits in terms of idea generation, innovative solutions and quicker dissemination of these initiatives nationally and internationally such that the freight industry can rapidly deploy strategies for reducing its environmental impacts. Researchers will work in close collaboration with each other and with collaborating industrial and commercial partners and thereby increased knowledge and mutual understanding of common societal challenges and their solution will emerge. The obvious next step is to apply these innovative solutions in practice with the collaborating industrial and commercial partners and develop best practice approaches within a ‘real world laboratory’ or situation. Such an approach will draw upon the 4 countries academic, industrial and commercial expertise.